They were the best of times, they were the worst of times.

Imagine a time in the not-to-distant past. A time of social turmoil. A time of young people awakening to their beauty, strength and possibilities. And in that awakening, they see better possibilities for the world. And many adults in power see the wheel is in motion and they step in to guide it… away from themselves.

In large it is a conflict of global proportions with everything at stake. In small it is a personal struggle to balance our own lives direction with our vision for the world. This is how we find our place in the world: we see and then we act on what we see. Then we see the result.

Now imagine this time of turmoil without Twitter. You, and no one you know, has access to email, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Flickr, or Secret. There is not one cell phone or desktop amongst any of you. What you have is your ability to show up. To be present and present yourself to events as they unfold around you. Unlike a retweet or Secret message, this struggle requires you to offer your whole body to shoulder the weight of the wheel and push it forward.

This is a face-to-face event and you are at risk by showing up. Police with batons, water cannons, tear gas, and bullets are going to be used to stop your progress. The police have been told you are here to tear down what they risk their lives to hold together. The same tactics are used on peaceful student strikers as anti-war marchers. Because the goal is the same: stop you from moving forward.

In the face of this threat people still stood up to be counted. Their stand, whether rebellious, profane, loving, curious, militant… or some combination of those, populate Eve’s images. ¬†This site when mature, will house over 5,000 images from 1966 through 1975. Let us know if you see yourself, parents, grandparents, or someone you know.

—-Jerry Jaz, Eve’s oldest son

Notes: We have set up two Galleries at this time. One for the San Francisco Hells Angels and one for the Black Panthers.
The store is not ready for prime time so you cannot purchase prints yet. If you want to purchase prints, send us a note via the contact form. We'll let you know when it is up and running. We did not want to delay your access to the images any longer, so we are open to be viewed. Every week, a new Album will be added to each Gallery. Albums contain anywhere from 10 to 35 images.
Future Galleries will include: Events (SF State student strike 1968, concerts, happenings), Evel Knievel, Marin County scenics from the '60's and '70's, Actors, and more.