Hell Angels Foosball Match

Hell Angels Foosball Match

The Geezer Gallery presents
OUTLAW?: The Photography of Eve Crane
February 25 – March 30, 2014       

n.  out·law   (out  )  a rebel; a nonconformist  The 1960s were a defining period in America’s history. Counterculture, civil rights, political assassinations, anti-Vietnam War protests, the New Left, women’s lib, the pill, gay rights:  all captured public attention. All upended 1950s conventionality. All signaled the end of innocence.

For The Motherfucker With the HatThe Geezer Gallery and Open Door Gallery are collaborating to curate a diverse installation.

Bobby Fouther, from Open Door Gallery, will co-curate an exhibit of social change artwork from the private collection of the McKenzie River Gathering Foundation (MRG), Oregon’s leading social justice funder. This “Seasons of Change” installation will be in the Producer’s Lounge in the Morrison Lobby. MRG Foundation is a community-supported funder working to create an Oregon where people, cultures, and ecosystems thrive. MRG provides nearly half a million dollars a year to support innovative community organizing work throughout Oregon that addresses racism, poverty, inequity, and environmental destruction. In addition to grant making programs, MRG also hosts community events around race, class, and equity to spark critical conversations leading to social change.

The Geezer Gallery will present, OUTLAW?, with  the work of Portland photographer Eve Crane. Crane has brought to public attention the seldom-seen worlds of two infamous movements in 1960s America’s popular culture—the Hells Angels San Francisco Chapter, and the Black Panther Party of Oakland, CA. Over 40 black and white photographs depict with disarming honesty the truth as Crane found it. Her vernacular style of photography was the source of inspiration and extension of her eye—a way of seeing her subjects and of them seeing her. In one sense, Crane’s images capture notoriety. In another, they reveal authenticity and break down stereotypes. OUTLAW? is organized by curator, Deborah Gangwer, for The Geezer Gallery. This main lobby exhibit will also feature the work of social change photographer and activist Bette Lee from the Open Door Gallery.

OUTLAW? is made possible with support from International Emergency Assistance and Team Latus Motors Harley-Davidson.